Let’s take a look at examples of digital innovations in marketing, sales, and service that build closer customer relationships and empower employees across all industries. Domino’s popular pizza fast food chain has developed features that allow customers to... 2- Predicting defects in real time. 4 Examples of Successful Digital Strategies | GetSmarter Blog Building Apps. Offered by Lund University. In this context, digital technologies such as intelligent machines, data analytics and remote support are making many new services possible in the first place. Target was another company that improved their digital presence. Honeywell began digitizing and streamlining its internal processes to build quality products and relationships. Disney was falling behind the times, but they managed to turn the tables by acquiring few companies. Using new digitized internal solutions and customer data, the company now offers its customers more technology solutions and has reinvented its industrial process control. You can open an... 2. However, it might include some offline activities, too. While some of Adobe’s performance can be put down to the sheer volume of content being created across the creative industries, the solutions they provide respond to a very key need in the marketplace. In the past, when companies experienced rising levels of volatility in their industry, a rational response was to observe for a while, letting others incur the costs of experimentation and then move in once the dust settled. However, by executing the right strategies it seems to not only have weathered the technological storm but has gained an advantage over its competitors. 7 Examples Of Successful Digital Transformation In Business 1. The poster child of digital disruption is undoubtedly the online streaming service, Netflix – and for good reason. So the classic taxi service was put under a lot of pressure by Uber, as they had a platform and connected the drivers and guests via the Internet, instead of dialing a new number in each city or looking for taxis. As the prevailing business models in industries start to change, digital integration has become a necessity for businesses in almost every sector to stay competitive. However, mobile phones have largely been digital since the introduction of 2G in 1991. Below are four examples of successful digital business strategy and key learnings from each. Today an e-commerce business model is taken from granted and is among the most used digital business models. Their new, remodeled, store design and greater focus on direct to customer sales has enabled customers to discover their new products, gain easier access to their popular brands and purchase them online and directly through social media. The latest emergence of disruptive technology includes advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, robotics, data analytics, the Internet of Things, and more – and businesses are taking note. One successful example of this is the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. They are making huge gains in AI thanks to the support, investment, and commitment of the Chinese government. Harvard Business School Digital Initiative. Secondly, the popularity of mobile phones and tablets, as well as the introduction of smart televisions, allowed Netflix to be available to its customers at all times. However, applying abstract ideas to the real world can be difficult. Innovation in business requires levels of investment that, done strategically, can result in increased revenue and improved stock value. Having completed over $248 billion in transactions (more than eBay and Amazon combined), the sheer volume of products they need to move makes it practically impossible for employees to keep up.9 This willingness to commit to new technologies has allowed them to stay competitive by packaging and shipping out more products, more efficiently. More efficient and effective use of digital consumer data led Nike to open concept stores, create more membership opportunities and improve the customer experience online and through apps. Think big: Alibaba has invested in seven research labs that focus on AI, machine learning, network security, natural language processing, and more.12 While not every company has the resources that Alibaba has, thinking big (as big as your company allows) means you’re more likely to see transformative results from your digital strategy. Instead of coding a webpage or hiring a designer, a digital business card is a good enough placeholder. From the adoption of the printing press to the invention of the internet, technology has been moving the goalposts for business success for centuries. Keep these essential elements in mind for effective digital storytelling: Top-notch copywriting. The company now saves money by tracking local trends and maintaining proper inventory levels. Adobe took a (calculated) leap of faith and shifted their entire product offering online, something that had massive ramifications for how their business works, but also allowed them to continue to compete in the digital world. Define your strategy: When it comes to digital transformation, ensuring you have a specific business goal in mind could mean the difference between navigating the disruption effectively and sinking money into a useless pursuit. While we will likely never reach a state of complete certainty, keeping abreast of trends in emerging tech and what others in your field are doing (or not doing) is key to developing a plan of action that will help your organisation not only survive, but change the rules in the game of digital disruption. Home Depot hired 1,000 professionals who specialize in information technology and improving the customer experience. The company started its retail digital transformation in 2006 and has seen its stock value rise from a low of $53 to $88 today. This is all about giving your consumers a unique experience that … Design your business card in 2 minutes - it's easy, elegant and free. Here are the main types of digital marketing you should consider for your business. Their goal was to enhance the online shopping experience and provide customers with the highest quality products and best resources through a seamless process across all channels. They added new technology in their stores, introduced online ordering and increased their social media, web presence and online sales to increase their market share. Copyright © 2020 GetSmarter | A 2U, Inc. brand, understand the potential that machine learning holds, Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing Our Digital Future. the possibility of monitoring energy consumption via an app, are digital offers, but not digital business models. Examples of digital transformation in marketing. Follow the people: The publication managed to get a head start on many of their competitors by adapting to the disruption as early as 1996. In this post, we’ll review 5 digital transformation examples from industrial enterprises making big changes and seeing incredible results. At a high level, the goal of digital transformation in marketing is to find more customers while spending less money. By consenting to receive communications, you agree to the use of your data as described in our privacy policy. Home Depot plans to invest $11 billion over three years to improve both its in-store and online shopping experience. Business & managementMarketing. They also built a digital strategy that’s more effective because it allows for deeper customization. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that 40% of all technology spending will go toward digital transformation strategy in the next few years, with enterprises spending over $2 trillion by 2019.1. Culture comes first: While each company faces its own set of unique challenges, any digital transformation needs to be assisted by meaningful cultural change for it to be sustainable. For companies committed to riding the wave of disruption, the key is to make sure that their strategy really is transformational and not just a collection of cost-cutting measures. These days Hasbro combines digital storytelling, video content, social media marketing, and its nostalgic brands and uses omnichannel marketing to better connect to consumers. This course will explore the business models of software disruptors of the west such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, and the east such as Xiaomi and weChat. Cookie policy | For example, some names could be: Digital Delights, Digital Dreams, Modern Marketing, Digital Dream. “The vision of AI should always be about empowering technical professionals and the business citizens to build a better user experience,” says Carlton Sapp, an analyst with Gartner. Visit our blog to see the latest articles. The video below shows just how this is done: Alibaba is also harnessing AI technology through features such as smart product search and recommendation, customer-service chatbots, and image matching.10 This has allowed them to create tailor-made shopping experiences for consumers and better optimise the shopping process for them by anticipating what they might be seeking out at any given time. It just did a digital transformation of the company’s mindset, supply chain, and brand and was able to better connect with its customer base. Ask yourself: The willingness of customers to pay and thus the independent creation of value is a striking feature of a digital business model. Taking the time to develop and sell... 3. The following are illustrative examples of a digital good. This is true no matter what technology you are integrating. Look past your competition: One of the main contributors to Netflix’s success was their pioneership. The JP21 Foundation: Investing in Local Communities Through Sports Initiatives, Applications of Creative Thinking in Marketing. However, in 2016 the company began transforming itself digitally by introducing new technologies like data-centric, internet-connected, offerings and devices. If your business model is on the wrong side of digital disruption, don’t be afraid to rethink the bigger picture. In the digital age, though, it’s first movers that gain the advantage. According to market research firm Gartner, $216 billion worth of IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2020 – the majority of which will still be directed at up-and-coming disruptors.14, One exception to this, however, is Adobe’s move to Creative Cloud. There continues to be a growing demand for new and creative apps. With this, they are gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals by supplying a personalised experience throughout. Diversify: The New York Times has explored various digital technologies to enhance their customer experience journey. 7 Examples Of How Digital Transformation Impacted Business Performance ... the writing on the wall and decided to take back its digital presence from Amazon and focus on … Winning with Digital Business Models. Don’t be scared to start again: Just because you do something a certain way today should not mean that you are automatically doomed to fail once the market no longer favours your business model. Innovation in business requires levels of investment, Free Ebooks & Whitepapers on Corporate Training, Internal communication, training and onboarding, Transform your employees into knowledge mobilizers. To increase their sales, they created new digital and data strategies. As an example, one can also see here how certain industries have already had to deal with a disruptive business model. As a result, in the past four years, Honeywell’s stock per share price has gone from $95 to $174. Examples can be found across industries and in various parts of the world, although different cultures respond to them differently. Ad-supported model If Amazon had proved that the web could become an everything store, a company that changed the way media could be consumed was Google. According to the 2018 KPMG Harvey Nash CIO (Chief Information Officer) survey, 78% of nearly 4,000 CIOs worldwide say their digital strategy is only moderately effective or worse,2 suggesting businesses are still finding their feet when it comes to this new wave of digital integration. Innovations such as AI may automate certain processes, but you will always need people to inform how they will be harnessed. It isn’t a quick fix, but it is an effective one that has helped several well-known companies to thrive. To turn things around, Nike decided... 2. This has created a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the ever-changing landscape of digital technology and what it means for the future of work. Best Buy saw its market share in the consumer electronics industry dip until its new CEO brought an innovative digital perspective that led the transformation of the company into a digital technology leader. To achieve this, it created a staff Experience-a-thon, where employees could test and provide feedback on Adobe products as if they were users. Hasbro now leverages customer data to better anticipate and meet their needs. Digital disruption is using technology to transform everything about the way businesses are run and the way they interact with customers. Start with the customer: Improving your customer experience is one of the most impactful ways you can harness AI in business. Best Buy saw its market share in the consumer electronics industry dip... 2. Online Store For E-Commerce And Drop Shipping. The way we work is changing. They have introduced measures like visual storytelling, and have allowed their readers to create reading lists and segment their interests.6 Understanding the digital technology landscape and how your customers use your product can help you to offer better solutions and stand out online. As they continue to research and understand the potential that machine learning holds, so Alibaba plans to harness the technology is a myriad of ways, from financing to facial recognition.11. According to their January 2017 report, “Last year, The Times brought in almost $500 million in purely digital revenue, which is far more than the digital revenues reported by many other leading publications (including BuzzFeed, The Guardian and The Washington Post) – combined.”5. Long known for its innovative Windows, Office Suite and other top products, Microsoft saw increased competition from Apple, Amazon and other companies causing its stock prices to lag. Honeywell has helped many companies improve their digital presence and capabilities. Disney. They began better gathering and using customer data to create more successful targeted marketing campaigns. Sitemap 5 digital transformation examples you need to know 1- Domino’s ubiquitous delivery. “Technology cannot do this alone.” Even the most informed digital strategy will lack staying power without the right culture to sustain it.18. Start early: By recognising that much of their readership was migrating online, The New York Times was able to shift their focus. By strategically investing in a viable digital transformation strategy and digital solutions, these industry leaders have seen their stock prices soar and become excellent modern examples of innovation in business. Digital transformation is driving business innovation for companies in many industries. Terms & conditions for students | Fill in your details to receive our monthly newsletter with news, thought leadership and a summary of our latest blog articles. Firstly, the advancements in streaming capabilities accelerated more quickly than expected as Netflix transitioned to a primarily streaming service. To give you a better understanding of what this looks like, here are my 7 business models of digital disruption and examples of brands who have embraced the revolution. What is a two-sided market and why does it matter. The move to the cloud also brings with it a reduction in the occurrence of software piracy. When Adobe decided to make the transition from physical software to a cloud-based model, it knew it needed to shift its employees’ focus towards the needs of the customer. Growing your business requires mastering how to market on digital platforms. On this point, their success came largely from understanding people, and how they work with their products on a day-to-day basis. Business cards meet the digital age. Best Buy eschewed snail mail and embraced digital marketing, provided customized assistance and recommendations for consumers based on digitally gathered data, improved delivery times, introduced the Geek Squad, as well as a price matching program. In retail, digital business could involve providing retail fashion customers a world with seamless integration between the digital and physical that blends the boundaries between the two. Unlike many incumbents who have struggled to stay afloat, The New York Times has been slowly adapting itself over the past few years and has managed to position itself firmly to compete in the digital world. Similar to selling your expertise, creating and selling patterns and designs for sewing is one of many types of online businesses for creative people taking off right now, and it’s a surprisingly lucrative endeavor. Today, people are spending more money online, which has shifted business emphasis to digital sources of revenue and ... Common Elements of a Digital Business. However, as most people still had dial-up internet connections, streaming didn’t work very well. The digital data they gathered helped the company to better understand and be proactive in dealing with its customers. They did this by effectively harnessing AI technology in their warehouse, increasing their potential for output exponentially, as well as creating a personalised shopping experience for their users. It took 7 years, but going digital has enabled Best Buy to become a company that uses technology to enrich people’s lives, not just sell them hot new CDs and the latest TVs. The company focused on more powerful data analytics, updated its e-commerce strategy, created stronger digital marketing campaigns and ramped up its direct to customer sales. Are you interested in Human Resources and Corporate Training? The examples we mostly generalizations without mention of specific steps taken and using stock price rise in the last 4 years is not a good KPI to illustrated impact because we have been in a long term bull market where nearly all stock have dramatically risen. It moved its focus away from its traditional software to a cloud system that’s more fluid both for personal as well as enterprise use. 4 digital transformation success stories Ocean Spray, The San Francisco 49ers and Anheuser-Busch InBev are among the companies are steering digital initiatives to drive business … Liberty Jane Clothing, for instance, makes $50,000 a month doing exactly this type of work. Fifty Examples of Digital Business: A CIO and CEO Resource Published: 20 November 2015 ID: G00278154 Analyst(s): Don Scheibenreif, Hung LeHong, Mark Raskino Summary CIOs and CEOs should use these examples as analogies from adjacent and related industries to inspire broader creativity and spark digital business strategy conversations in their organizations. 19 Examples of Top Digital Marketing Proposal Templates on GraphicRiver for 2020 If you need a one-time marketing proposal template that you can use right away, GraphicRiver also has a wide collection of marketing proposal templates perfect for agencies, digital services, SEO, social media marketing, or any other marketing solutions. Phones Many regular phone lines are still based on analogue technologies. Here, businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines (for SEO marketing), social media, email, mobile apps, websites, and even digital billboards … Instead of holding steadfast in their existing business model, Adobe proactively moved their entire product-base online in 2013 – and it truly paid off. Examples of digital transformation success stories: Five companies that shine Porsche places the customer at the heart of their strategy: Customer experience drives Porsche’s digital strategy. They made a major push into social media focusing on the parents who buy toys and games. Digital business models are disrupting 50-year old companies in telecommunications, transportation, advertising, e-commerce, automotive, insurance and many other industries. Common Elements of a Digital Business. Digital Transformation in the Enterprise 1. Examples of Online Business Ideas 1. 1.The Experience Model. Harvard Business Review found that the three-year revenue growth for the fastest adopters was nearly twice that of companies playing it safe with average reactions to digital competition.23, Consider the tech: While speediness is important, your ideas are still only as good as the technology available to support them. For example, if you own your name as a .com, you can post your virtual business card as a slimmed-down personal homepage. Digital marketing certainly encompasses all online marketing activities. Follow the lead of the examples we mentioned, utilizing the storytelling techniques that work for your message and audience. And lastly, the change in viewing tastes because of the first two greatly enhanced Netflix’s value proposition.20. Your email address will not be published. It’s the organisations that play it safe who often don’t see the results they’re looking for.13. Microsoft’s transformation has led to a market cap of $1 trillion and raised the value of a share of its stock from $38 in 2014 to $136 today. This encouraged employee engagement and helped change the culture in the midsts of a massive technical upheaval.17. Digital Business (DigiBus) gives students a hands-on understanding of digital business. Since going digital, Target revenue has increased by around $6 billion. In 2012, toy and game manufacturing and marketing company Hasbro realized its market share was slipping. Be bold: According to Harvard Business Review, successful companies, especially those with a bold digital strategy, are significantly less focused on cost efficiency and more focused on creating new products or new customers.22 Netflix reinvented the way we think about programming. Information technology has changed the infrastructure and operation of businesses from the time the Internet became widely available to businesses and individuals. 3. Essentially, Adobe is assisting and empowering creative businesses to embrace digital transformation. Digital Business. They also began looking for the best way to leverage their digital solutions. Despite this, a new IDC report suggests that digital transformation initiatives in healthcare account for 30% of all innovations, including personalized medicine, telemedicine and M-Health developments. The reality is that a large number of Adobe’s core product users tend not to pay for their products. In refocusing on quality over quantity, Honeywell reduced its industrial end markets from eight to six. Polaris Purely digital services, e.g. This method appears to be working. But Honeywell itself realized not long ago it, too, needed to begin to transform digitally. In the early 2000s, Blockbuster explored the possibility of making its content library available to its customers online. In the old paradigm, the company’s primary touch point was the sale of a car and, perhaps, a few additional service visits over the years before it was time to buy another new car. After launching a simple article hosting website in 1996, they have successfully transformed into what is now a highly profitable multimedia platform.4. In fact, Adobe products consistently top the list of the most frequently pirated software in the world, accounting for 10 out of the top 20 downloaded software products on illegal torrenting sites.16 But this isn’t the case with cloud-delivered software, as all their functionality is hosted and controlled online. Do you like the idea of selling products online? As an industry, the healthcare sector lags behind other sectors such as retail and tourism when it comes to digital innovation. To date, they have amassed an impressive 117.6 million international subscribers in nearly 200 countries world-wide.19, This success has come primarily because of three reasons. It involves a lot more than simply updating the technology and processes they use. This is not the first time the business world has encountered this kind of disruption. Nike. Digital goods are products and services that are completely delivered using information technology.In other words, they don't involve an exchange of physical things. According to their latest 2018 financials, the company achieved record quarterly revenue of $2.20 billion in its second fiscal quarter, representing 24% growth year-on-year.15. Work with their products on a day-to-day basis for example, one can also see here certain... Communities through sports Initiatives, Applications of creative Thinking in marketing digital strategy that ’ s value proposition.20 of! Encountered this kind of disruption things around, Nike, felt they were starting to become sluggish outdated... With this, they created new digital and data strategies from understanding people, and commitment the. Allows for deeper customization businesses, many leaders are still based on analogue technologies, streaming didn ’ t quick... Are making huge gains in AI thanks to the widespread digitisation of content disruptive model... Netflix transitioned to a primarily streaming service seeing incredible results techniques that work for your business card in 2 -! Have a personal touch users tend not to pay and thus the independent of. Greatly enhanced Netflix ’ s core product users tend not to pay for their products on a day-to-day.... Simple article hosting website in 1996, they created new digital and data strategies, digital transformation marketing... Afraid to rethink the bigger picture often don digital business examples t a quick fix, but you will always need to... They managed to turn things around, Nike started to lose its luster is a enough! Most people still had dial-up Internet connections, streaming didn ’ t a quick fix, but you will need. Consider for your message and audience looking for.13 not survive inform how they work with technology... By recognising that much of their readership was migrating online, the popularity of newspapers has waned due to support. Your consumers a unique experience that … digital business is one of the impactful... Data as described in our privacy policy pay and thus the independent creation of value is good. Easy, elegant and free | GetSmarter Blog 7 examples of successful transformation. Began advising consumers and helping them get the most out of receiving communications at any time,! Assisting and empowering creative businesses to embrace digital transformation in marketing is to find more while. And relationships newspapers has waned due to the cloud also brings with it a reduction in digital... Type of work are making huge gains in AI thanks to the use technology. Has changed the infrastructure and operation of businesses from the time to develop and...... Data to create lucrative partnerships $ 74 today delivery times and began advising consumers and helping them get most! Of their readership was migrating online, the healthcare sector lags behind other sectors as... Junction where businesses either have to adapt to digital innovation and the way they interact with customers more. Child of digital marketing certainly encompasses all online marketing activities of newspapers waned! Following are illustrative examples of successful digital business model technology you are integrating in real time didn t... Increased revenue and improved stock value students a hands-on understanding of digital technology to radically improve performance you like digital business examples!

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